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885 (Newton College, Newton, Mass.)

The 885 was the student newspaper of Newton College of the Sacred Heart, a Catholic women’s college in operation from 1946 through 1975 when it merged with Boston College. Boston College recognizes the alumna of Newton College of the Sacred Heart and considers these graduates part of the legacy that is the Boston College Alumni.


The Aletheia (DePaul University, Chicago, IL)

Arkansas Catholic, formerly The Southern Guardian/The Guardian (Little Rock, AR)
1911 - 1965


The Ave Herald (Ave Maria, FL)
The Ave Herald is an independent publication, and has no affiliation with Ave Maria University, Ave Maria Development Company, Barron Collier, Pulte Homes, or any other commercial entity. It is published by David Shnaider and Patricia Sette, who were among the earliest residents of the town of Ave Maria. Both have extensive backgrounds in print, broadcast, and online media with companies that include wire services, magazines, broadcast networks, and online and internet companies.


Blackacre (Loyola School of Law, Chicago, IL)
1967-1968, 1971-1982, 1984
This is a student paper from Loyola University Chicago's School of Law.

The Boston Pilot (Boston, Mass)
2003 - current

1838 - 1857 (accessible by CRL members)
The issues from 1838 - 1857 are also available via EBSCOHost through their Digital Archives Collection.


The Catholic (Kingston, ON)
1830 – 1844 (missing some issues)

The Catholic Commentator - Diocese of Baton Rouge (Louisiana)
The newspaper for the Diocese of Baton Rouge is The Catholic Commentator.  The first issue was published February 8, 1963.  It was published weekly until March of 1984; since then new issues have been published every other week.  Physical copies of the newspaper are held by both the Archives Department and The Catholic Commentator, which are both located in the administration offices of the diocese in Baton Rouge, LA.  All back issues have been digitized and are available for research at .  The editions are fully word searchable and run from the first issue in 1963 through 2012.

Digital copies of the Commentator from 2007 forward are available on their website:

Catholic Herald (Philadelphia, PA) 
1835 - 1848 (digitization is ongoing)  

Catholic Journal/Catholic Courier (Rochester, NY) 
1889 - 2004 (issues are missing from March-August 1962, December 1961 and 1965, June 1967)  

Catholic News Service
1920 - Present

Catholic New World: Newspaper for the Archdiocese of Chicago
2000 - current

Catholic New York (New York, NY)
1998 - current

Catholic Northwest Progress (Seattle, WA) 
1897 - current (online archives for 1900 - 1904; 1947; 1962 - 1965) 

Catholic Peace Fellowship Bulletin (Notre Dame, IN)
Records of the Catholic Peace Fellowship, one of several Catholic peace collections in the University of Notre Dame Archives, include Manuscripts of talks and articles, organizational material for protest activities, newspaper and magazine clippings, press statements, photographs, and letters, with correspondence with Daniel and Philip Berrigan, Thomas Merton, James Forest, Dorothy Day, Thomas Cornell, George McGovern, and Robert F. Kennedy. The CPF published a bulletin, and there are issues dating from 1965 to 1978 available at this resource.

The Catholic Record (London, ON)
1881 – 1910 (missing some issues)

The Catholic Register (Toronto)

The Catholic Review (New York, NY)
April 3, 1875 - Sept 16, 1876
These issues can be found through a subscription to EBSCOHost's Digital Archive Collection.

Catholic San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
2012 - current

The Catholic Standard & Times (Philadelphia, PA)
Current HTML articles - no longer has a print edition

The Catholic Sun (Syracuse, NY)

The Catholic Transcript (Hartford, CT)
2008 - current
The Catholic Transcript is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Hartford.  It provides information about the Church in Hartford, New Haven, and Litchfield Counties as well as the nation and the world.  It publishes 12 times a year on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

The Catholic Telegraph (Cincinnati, OH)
February 2009 - current
The Catholic Telegraph is the monthly newspaper for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Catolico: Periodico Oficial en Espanol de la Arquidiocesis de Chicago (Chicago, IL)
August 1, 2011-

Clarion Herald: Official Newspaper of the Archdiocese of New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)
2011 - current

Le Courrier du Canada (Quebec, QC)
1857 – 1901 (missing some issues)

The Criterion Online
Archdiocese of Indianapolis
1960-1965; 1999-present

La Crois (Montréal, QC)
1903 – 1937 (missing some issues)

La Croix de Montréal (Montréal, QC)
1893 – 1894 (missing some issues)

The Cross (Halifax, NS)
1843 – 1849 (missing some issues; newspaper format from 1848)

Crux (Boston, MA)
September 2014 -- Present 
Crux is an online news site owned by Boston Globe Media that reports on international Catholic news from theological, ethical, spiritual, and social perspectives.  


Denver Catholic Register (Denver, CO)
1900 - Current (archives from 2006 - current; some links do not work)

DePaul Poll Parrot (DePaul University, Chicago, IL)

The DePaulia (DePaul University, Chicago, IL)


The Evangelist: Newspaper for the Diocese of Albany, NY (Albany, NY)
1996 -- current 


The Florida Catholic of Miami (Miami, FL)
Dec. 2006 -- current

1963 -- 1965

The FONT, the Fontbonne College newspaper (St. Louis, MO)
1926 --1968
Main page:
Index file:

Le Front Ouvrier (Laprairie, QC)
1944 – 1954 (missing some issues)


La Gazette de Sorel (Sorel, QC)
1857 – 1883 (missing some issues)


Heights (Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass.)
November 1919-June 2010

The Boston College student newspaper began publication in 1919. Issues from November 1919-June 2010 will be available online. For current news, see the paper's website: Copyright for 1970 to the present is held by the Heights, Inc. Copyright for 1964-1970 is held by the Trustees of Boston College. Issues from 1919-1963 are in the public domain.

The Hoya (Georgetown University, Washington, DC)
The Hoya is Georgetown University's newspaper of record since 1920. The digital collection of The Hoya in DigitalGeorgetown contains back issues for the period 1959-1980, and reflects Georgetown students’ perspectives on campus events and, at times, local and national events during the 1960s and 1970s.


The Intermountain Catholic (Salt Lake City, UT)
1899 - 1920 (issues available from Oct 1899 - 1910) 
The official diocesan newspaper of Salt Lake City, Utah, the Intermountain Catholic, was first published on October 7, 1899, under the guidance of Father Denis Kiely. The newspaper covered six Intermountain states—Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Montana.  Following the economic downturn after World War I, the paper moved to San Francisco and was published for a time under the title The Monitor.  Once the economy stabilized, the paper returned to Salt Lake City in 1926.    

The Irish Canadian (Toronto, ON)
1863 – 1892 (missing some issues)


Jesuit or Catholic Sentinel (Boston, MA)
Sept 5, 1829 - Aug 27, 1831
Jan 5, 1833 - Dec 27 ,1834
These issues are available with a subscription to ProQuest.
*The issues from Sept 5, 1829 - Aug 27, 1831 are also available on EBSCOHost.

Le Journal des Campagnes
1882 – 1901 (missing some issues)

Le Journal des Trois-Rivières (Trois-Rivières, QC)
1865 – 1891 (missing some issues)

La Justice (Quebec, QC)
1886 - 1892


Katolik: w Archidiecezji Chicago (Chicago, IL) 
January 2011-March 2013 (ceased publication)


La Boussole (Montréal, QC)
1935 – 1946 (missing some issues)

Le Bien Public (Trois-Rivières, QC)
1909 – 1978 (missing some issues)

Literary and Catholic Sentinel (Boston, MA)
Jan 3, 1835 - Dec 26, 1835
These issues are available with a subscription to EBSCOHost through their Digital Archives Collection.

Loyola Phoenix (Loyola University, Chicago, IL)
[complete run 1970-present]
This student paper was first known as Loyola News before it was renamed to Loyola Phoenix in 1970. The original paper began in 1924. Since 1970, Loyola Phoenix publishes a paper once week during the academic year.

Loyola News
1918, 1925, 1938-1939, 1940, 1947, 1968-1969
[complete run 1918, 1925-1969]
This student paper began in 1924 with two issues published six years prior in 1918. Loyola News reported on happenings around Loyola University and the Chicago area. In 1970 the paper's name was changed to the Loyola Phoenix and still publishes a paper once a week during the academic year.


The Message (Evansville, IN) 
1971 - current (online archives for 1987 - 1998)  

Milwaukee Catholic Herald (Milwaukee, WI)
2002 -- Present
Website archives date back to 2002. Bound hard copies exist back to 1941 when the paper was Catholic Citizen (as well as July-December 1984 when paper was Catholic Herald). Microfilm exists for Catholic Citizen (1893, 1935), Catholic Herald Citizen (1922), and Catholic Herald (1984) but these materials are not yet available digitially. 

The Monitor (San Francisco, CA)
1878 - 1884

The Montreal Beacon
1940 – 1941 (missing some issues)

The Montreal Tribune
1910 – 1913 (missing some issues)

Morning Star and Catholic Messenger (New Orleans, LA)
1868-1881 (issues available from 1868 - 1879) 
Founded in 1868 as the official journal of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, the Morning Star and Catholic Messenger was the first Catholic English newspaper in the Old Southwest. Its circulation in the 1870s was approximately 4,000, of which 1,500 copies were distributed throughout Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.  The Morning Star and Catholic Messenger’s primary audience was Irish Catholic.  The newspaper is also known by the alternative titles Morning Star and Catholic Messenger. 


National Catholic Reporter (Kansas City, MO)
current HTML content (not all content is online)
Established in 1964, the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) began as a newspaper and is now a print and Web news source that stands as one of the few independent journalistic outlets for Catholics and others who struggle with the complex moral and societal issues of the day.
*Coverage from 1988 - Present can also be found through a subscription with ProQuest.

New Era (Montreal, QC)
1857 – 1858

New Jersey Catholic Journal (Trenton, NJ)
1886 - 1889 (some issues are missing) 

North County Catholic (Ogdensburg, NY)

Notre Dame Daily (Notre Dame, IN)
The Notre Dame Daily first appeared on the twentieth of May, 1923. It published thirteen issues in its first volume, concluding at the end of the academic year on the sixth of June. Its second and final volume covered the 1924-1925 academic year in 128 issues beginning on the twenty-third of September and ending on the fifteenth of June.

Notre Dame Scholastic (Notre Dame, IN)
The Scholastic, a student weekly, began in 1867 as The Scholastic Year. For most of its history it provided news about Notre Dame as well as feature articles, literary works, essays, and alumni notes.

Notre Dame Voice (Notre Dame, IN)
The Voice of Notre Dame, predecessor of the more familiar daily Observer, appeared somewhat irregularly every week or so between 1963 and 1966, though issues were sometimes printed as little as two days apart.


The Observer (Rockford, IL)
1935 - current (archives from 1935 - 1940) 

The Observer (Notre Dame, IN)
The Observer started providing news for the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College starting in the fall of 1966, first as a weekly, then bi-weekly, and soon as a daily newspaper. The University of Notre Dame index includes up to the fall semester of 2009. Starting with the issue of October 10, 2009, the Notre Dame / Saint Mary's Observer appeared online (; for back issues since that time, see

L'Osservatore Romano (Vatican)

Our Sunday Visitor (Huntington, IN)
2010 - current issues:


The Pittsburgh Catholic (Duquesne University)
March 16, 1844-2001

Le Propagateur Catholique (New Orleans, LA)
1842 - 1843;view=1up;seq=11

1842 - 1876
These issues can be found through a subscription with EBSCOHost's Digital Archive Collection.

El Pueblo Católico (Denver, CO) 
Current (issues from 2003 - current; some links do not work) 



Revista Católica (Albuquerque, NM) 
1875 - 1883

Revista Católica is an international weekly Spanish-American Catholic newspaper and printing house directed by the Jesuits. The business was founded by Italian Jesuit, Donato M. Gasparri, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1873. The publishing house, originally known as Imprenta de Río Grande, provided a variety of educational and devotional materials. Aided by the Rev. Lorenzo Fede, S. J., Gasparri began publication of his newspaper, Revista Católica, on January 2, 1875.  There are nine volumes in total.  


Sacred Heart Review (East Cambridge, Mass.)

The Review was a newspaper published in Cambridge and Boston between 1888-1918. Not merely a church bulletin, the Review contained sections dealing with local, national and international news, and had a nation-wide subscriber base. It is important for its reporting of the Catholic Church in general and the Church in New England in particular; its pieces that explicate and defend Catholicism; and its advertisements. The entire 60-volume run is available online and is in the public domain. The online version was made possible, in part, by the John and Ruth Galvin Endowed Fund for the Boston Collection at the John J. Burns Library.

San Francisco Catolico (San Francisco, CA)
Spanish language paper. There is an English version called Catholic San Francisco listed here under "C."

The Skyscraper (Mundelein College, Chicago, IL)
The Skyscraper was a student paper from Mundelein College that covered both local and national events in addition to news and activities at the college. The paper was fully run by students. In 1969, The Skyscraper was replaced by other student papers, but is noted among all other Mundelein publications for its longevity. Loyola University has the complete run of the paper available digitally on their site.

The Southern Cross, formerly The Bulletin of the Catholic Laymen's Association of Georgia (Savannah, GA) 
1920 - current (online archives from 1920 - 1936) 

Southern Nebraska Register (Diocese of Lincoln, NE)

St. Louis Review, The Publication of the Archdiocese of St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)
Current issue freely available; online archives 2001-

The Sisyphus Papers
Published by the Jesuit Conference's Office of Social Ministries in the 1970s, The Sisyphus Papers address a wide range of social issues including oil, the Middle East, immigration, ordination of women, and corporate power. The digital reproduction includes 23 issues dating from 1975 through 1977.


The Tablet (Brooklyn, NY)
A weekly Catholic newspaper produced by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. Recent issues are available on the website.

The Truth Teller (New York) 
1825 - 1826 

The Tower (The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.) 
1922 - current  

The True Witness and Catholic Chronicle (Montreal, QC)
1850 – 1900


United Canada (Ottawa, ON)
1888 – 1901 (missing some issues)

U.S. Catholic Intelligencer (Boston, MA)
October 1831 - September 1832
These issues are available with a subscription to EBSCOHost through their Digital Archives Collection.


The Voice (Miami, FL)
1959 - 1989