Official CRRA Materials


This page contains official CRRA materials, such as logos, icons, and brochures. Members can download logos as they wish and display them on their website to show their affiliation with the CRRA. If you have questions about the logos from usage rights to file types, or any of the other materials, please contact Pat Lawton.


Logos and Icons


This PDF contains all of the CRRA logos.


Below are all of the current CRRA logos:

White Wordmark/Red Background


jpg / png


Red Wordmark/White Background


jpg / png


Gray Wordmark/White Background


jpg png


Below are all the current CRRA icons:

Blue Cross/Red Background


jpg png


White Cross/Red Background

jpg png


Blue Cross/White Background


jpg png




                       13514550-0.jpg      13514550-1.jpg


The latest version of the CRRA brochure can be found here.