Membership Committee


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The Membership Committee is advisory to the Board.  Its major objectives are to articulate the values of membership as well as grow and support the membership.   

2016/17 goals: 

  • With the Board, develop assessments strategies and targets that will result in clearer articulation of the value of CRRA membership.
  • Reach out to ten current representatives who are not on the Board or Membership Committee about their priorities and goals as well as CRRA priorities and goals.
  • Hold a webinar for CRRA library directors to highlight specific CRRA priorities and activities, such as adding links to the Catholic Portal, Catholic Newspapers Online and subject guides from member websites, instruction and reference tools.
  • Reach out to ten prospective members, strengthening the relationship and affirming the case with a goal of recruiting five new members (understanding that this is not under the Committee's control).
  • Identify conferences, meetings of other groups, or other opportunities where a CRRA member or staff could talk about CRRA activities.
  • Get input from members and partners to understand capacity and willingness to participate in a CRRA reciprocal resource-sharing agreement. 

View this committee's accomplishments for 2015/16.

(Members only: For committee agendas and committee charge, see Agendas and Minutes.)


  1. Felice Maciejewski, Chair (2013/14 – 2014/15; 2015/16 – 2016/17)
  2. Sara Baron (2016/17 – 2017/18) 
  3. Jack Fritts (2014/15 – 2015/16; 2016/17 – 2017/18)
  4. Sharon McCaslin (2016/17 – 2017/18)
  5. Marianne Ryan (2017/18  2018/19)
  6. Kris Veldheer (2017/18  2018/19)
  7. Janice Welburn (2016/17 – 2017/18)
  8. Jennifer Younger ex officio