CRRA Wins Catholic Communications Campaign Grant to Digitize Catholic News Service Newsfeeds

The Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA) has won a $49,764 Catholic Communications Campaign grant from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) for Preservation and Online Access to Catholic History — NCWC/CNS 1920- .  Funds will support the digitization and preservation of newsfeeds from the National Catholic Welfare Council (NCWC), currently known as  the Catholic News Service (CNS) newsfeeds (the Catholic equivalent of Reuters).

100,000 pages of the NCWC/CNS newsfeeds from 1920- (approximately 30 years) will be digitized and made freely available through the CRRA-developed Catholic News Archive , a digital collection of Catholic diocesan and national newspapers.  The newsfeeds will be digitized at the highest quality standards and the resulting digital images will be preserved in perpetuity.

Special thanks go to Katherine Nuss, Archivist for Catholic News Service. Katherine is an active member of the CRRA Digitizing Partners and has  been a source of inspiration and guidance for CRRA’s digitization program.  Katherine provided the sourcing material for the newsfeeds currently in the Archive and will continue to provide source material for the grant’s 100,000 images.  Todd Jensen, CRRA Newspapers Digitization Project Manager, will coordinate efforts with vendors to  ensure that the images and metadata are of the highest quality and are available in a timely fashion.  The content will be accessible within the Catholic News Archive, along with the nearly 8,000 pages of newsfeeds currently available from the Vatican II years. Please see the .

In addition to adding years of the Catholic News Service newsfeeds to the Archive, the grant signals a vote of confidence from the U.S.  Bishops for our work.

About the Catholic Communications Campaign Grants: The CCC funds media projects – print, television, radio and Internet – that further the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ religious, charitable and educational purposes. Proposals must be unique and/or timely. There is a preference not to provide ongoing funding of projects. Proposals that have funding from other sources, indicating a broad support, are more likely to receive priority consideration.

For more information about the CRRA and The Catholic Newspapers Program see .


A historical treasure trove: Social justice tradition runs through Catholic archives


Catholic schools face many challenges. In recent decades, the steady supply of free labor from religious men and women has dried up. Demographic changes resulted in most inner-city Catholic schools serving poor, non-Catholic populations. Stagnant wages put the cost of a Catholic school education out of reach for most middle-class Catholic families. And the rising cost of education at all levels, from kindergarten through college, has affected profoundly the crowning glory of U.S. Catholicism, our vibrant educational system.

For all those problems, there are many interesting developments in Catholic education, one of which was the focus of a conference titled “Catholic Archives in the Digital Age: A Conference for Archivists and Teachers” held Oct. 8-9 at The Catholic University of America in Washington. The event brought together Catholic educators with Catholic archivists to explore ways that archival material, especially digitized material, can be used in classrooms.

We all find reasons to bemoan canon law, but one of its benefits is that it requires a lot of record-keeping, and those records, deposited in Catholic archives, are a treasure trove of information for teaching young people.

The conference began with a panel of archivists highlighting their holdings that could be useful in the classroom. Malachy McCarthy oversees the Claretian archives in Chicago. He noted that religious communities like the Claretians respond to the needs of the times, and the archives reflect those responses. For example, the Claretian archives have material on the “down-and-dirty social history” of the mostly working-class people the Claretians served. Continue reading …


DPLA Announces Knight Foundation Grant to Research Potential Integration of Newspaper Content

Posted by DPLA on November 9, 2015 in DPLA Updates, News & Blog, Projects and tagged announcements, newspapers.

The Digital Public Library of America has been awarded $150,000 from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to research the potential integration of newspaper content into the DPLA platform.

Over the course of the next year, DPLA will investigate the current state of newspaper digitization in the US. Thanks in large part to the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress’s joint National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) showcased online as Chronicling America, many states in the US have digitized their historic newspapers and made them available online. A number of states, however, have made newspapers available outside of or in addition to this important program, and DPLA plans to investigate what resources it would take to potentially provide seamless discovery of the newspapers of all states and US territories, including the over 10 million pages already currently available in Chronicling America. Continue reading.

CRRA Update May June 2013

 CRRA Update
May/June 2013
please see the PDF for the more visually rich version

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CRRA Annual Meeting in Chicago, events July 1-2, 2013

CRRA’s Annual All Members Meeting will take place Tuesday, July 2 during ALA Chicago. There are several opportunities to get together with you, our CRRA friends and colleagues.  Please review the events below (in order by date) and RSVP to Felice Maciejewski  at

Click here for a PDF of CRRA Events in Chicago, or just read on…

We hope to see you in Chicago!

Digitizing Catholic Newspapers

Monday July 1:  2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
DePaul Loop Library Instruction Room
1 East Jackson Blvd. (in downtown Chicago)

Come and share your interests and/or experience in digitizing newspapers. We will learn more about newspaper digitization and other digital services offered by Lyrasis, exploring a possible collaborative initiative for funding strategies and support, digitization of collections,  and access.  Your input is central to identifying what will help you and other CRRA members do what you want to do, and how your digitizing projects might be part of and benefit from a more comprehensive effort.

A taste of Italy: Dinner at Quartino’s
Monday July 1: 6:30 p.m.
Enjoy the distinctive Italian small-plates menus and vintage ambience at Quartino Ristorante & Wine Bar in Chicago’s Near North side.  Meet us at 6:30 and treat yourself to an enjoyable dinner with friends.

CRRA All Member Meeting
Tuesday July 2 : 8:30 a.m. to Noon
Breakfast at 8:30 and Meeting at 9:00
University Club  Northwestern Room (A&B)
Dress is business casual
76 East Monroe (corner of Michigan Ave. and Monroe St.)
Start your day with breakfast (hosted by Dominican University) and stay to contribute your ideas to CRRA.  Our agenda is a window into mission-support for the next year. We want your input on the proposed top priorities: expanding access to Catholic newspapers, engaging in more outreach about the portal and member mentoring, and harvesting new content. We are setting up small group and plenary discussions on ways in which we can get the word out about the portal and CRRA collections and especially what works at your institution.  We will explore ways in which individuals and institutions can increase our capacity to carry out our mission of providing global enduring access to Catholic research resources in the Americas.

Treasures of Faith: Twenty Years of Acquisitions
Newberry Library
60 West Walton Street

In 1991, Newberry Trustee Sister Ann Ida Gannon, president Emerita of Mundelein College, arranged for the transfer of Mundelein’s rare book collection to the Newberry.  More donations followed of which a selection are in this exhibit of books used by American seminarians.  Hours posted on the website.

Stay the night at Catholic Theological Union (CTU) Guest Housing
5401 S. Cornell Avenue (an easy bus ride to downtown)
If you are joining us for CRRA events and need a place to stay, consider the reasonably priced guest rooms at Catholic Theological Union  in the heart of the Hyde Park neighborhood.  Contact CTU directly or write to Melody McMahon , Library Director, CTU for more information on staying on campus.

We hope to see you in Chicago!

Please share this invitation with others at your institution.  Our meetings are open to others interested in our mission and activities and who may not yet be members. All are welcome!

CRRA Update March/April 2013

CRRA Update
March/April 2013

• From the Board: Janice Welburn, chair, announcing CRRA as a nonprofit corporation
• From the Membership Committee: Evelyn Minick , chair, welcomes Mount St. Mary’s University
• Member News: Congratulations to Joe Lucia (Villanova), Morgan McIntosh Hodgetts (DePaul) and Maria Mazzenga (Catholic University)
• Feature Article: Indexing and displaying Encoded Archival Description files in the Catholic portal
• Committee Updates: From the Collections Committee on Treasures from the Catholic Research Resources Alliance: Women Religious; Newspapers Task Force on Survey of Member Holdings
• From the CRRA: Annual plan update and Member holdings in the portal
• CRRA in the News: Thanks to Diane Maher (University of San Diego)
• Portal Tech Tip: Using the comments feature
• Upcoming events: Catholic Legacies in Victoria (May 28-29, 2013)

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WordPress Finesse

Greetings CRRA community,

We have been working on updating the blog and are in the process of adding new information in an effort to make it more user-friendly.  With this in mind, we felt it might be helpful to share our findings, what we learned about WordPress, with you, as you may find the information useful now or at some point in the future.  Feel free to share this information with colleagues, family and friends.

In this posting, we will present information on the following topics:

  1. Adding the “more tag” in blog posts
  2. Creating and displaying categories for blog posts
  3. Antedating blog posts
  4. Formatting a blog’s side bar

As an aside, please note that all the information pertains to blogs operated using the WordPress system. 

Adding the “More Tag”

The “more tag” is a very useful tool in blog posts.  Using the “more tag” will help to make your blog page look cleaner and sleeker and allow your readers to easily access the information they need.  Additionally, the “more tag,” allows users to quickly browse the most recent posts.

WordPress defines the “more tag” as a “tag that breaks a post into ‘teaser’ and content sections. Type a few paragraphs, insert this tag and then compose the rest of your post. On your blog’s home page you will see only those first paragraphs with a hyperlink ((more…)), which when followed displays the rest of the post’s content.”  The “more tag” is considered a QuicktagQuicktags are displayed in the tool bar at the top of the draft of your new post.  The “more tag” can be inserted at any point in your post.  Also, you can go back and edit previous posts and insert the “more tag” wherever it is most useful and then update the piece.

An example has been provided here.  Click this link and it will lead you to the rest of the content.  Continue reading “WordPress Finesse”

CRRA Update Jan/Feb 2013

This month’s update includes:

  • From the Board: Janice Welburn, chair, on Becoming a nonprofit federally tax-exempt corporation
  • Member News:  Villanova wins ACRL Excellence in Libraries Award!; Congratulations to Carol Johnson, Bob Skinner, and Stephanie Clark; CRRA in the Spotlight
  • Feature Article: Learning more about our collection through selecting materials for CRRA, by Lisa Gonzalez, Catholic Theological Union
  • Committee Updates:  From The Collections Committee on Updating the collection policy; the Digital Access Committee on EAD records, the website, and more; and the Newspapers Task Force on the List of Catholic Newspapers Online
  • Grant opportunities: CLIR Hidden Collections proposals due March 22, 2013
  • Upcoming events: The CRRA Annual Meeting (July 2)

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CRRA Update Nov/Dec 2012


Last year, we adopted an inspiring vision describing what we want to achieve and an ambitious, actionable plan for getting there.  In this context, members, committees and the Board develop an annual strategic plan. The Board met on December 12, 2012 at Lauinger Library, Georgetown University. Committee chairs joined us for a discussion of goals and current activities for this year, which we all agreed was informative and helpful in creating a broad understanding of how the goals and activities of each group fit into the overall directions.  Continue reading “CRRA Update Nov/Dec 2012”

“The Vault” as inspiration for CRRA

Might we have documents as rich and colorful as a letter from Kurt Vonnegut, as found in the Vault?
Perhaps thismight be our new challenge:  to post to this blog new, interesting treasures form across our collections. Volunteers?  –pat


Archives blog, “Welcome to The Vault, a new blog dedicated to history at its most beautiful, strange, funny, and moving.

Every weekday, we’ll publish one archival document or object of visual and historical interest. Here you’ll find carefully selected photographs, pamphlets, maps, buttons, toys, letters, ledgers, and the occasional lock of hair, along with a bit of explanation to give you some context for what you’re seeing. Just this week we’ll be looking at Benedict Arnold’s loyalty oath, a microscope set for girls of the 1950s, and a memo from a Nixon aide pleading with the president to call the Space Shuttle the Space Clipper instead.

British novelist L.P. Hartley once wrote “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” The Vault is on a permanent world tour; consider these objects your souvenirs.”