FTP site as dropbox

In an effort to make it easier for us here at the “Catholic Portal Home Planet”, we have implemented an FTP site designed to be used as a dropbox.

For the longest time Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA) members sent me their metadata via email. I was then expected to parse it, index it, and make it available for searching. A hidden task in this scenario was archiving the metadata — a task that is not really very scalable. Consequently, I advocated CRRA members make their metadata available via a website where I could then harvest the data with us. Unfortunately and to my surprise, not every CRRA member was able to do this mostly because of local infrastructure policies.

To overcome the limitations of some CRRA members, I created an FTP site allowing them to deposit their metadata. This same FTP site is also accessible via the Web, and therefore I can have my cake and eat it too. No CRRA members need to send me their metadata, and I can harvest it from a Web server.

If you are a CRRA member who is unable or not allowed to make your metadata available via the Web, then get in touch with me, Eric Lease Morgan (574/631-8604; emorgan@nd.edu), and I will give you instructions for making your metadata available via the “dropbox”.

Author: Eric Lease Morgan

I am a librarian first and a computer user second. My professional goal is to discover new ways to use computers to provide better library services. I use much of my time here at the University of Notre Dame developing and providing technical support for the Catholic Research Resources Alliance -- the "Catholic Portal".