Indexing EAD files in the “Catholic Portal” with VUFind

This posting describes how EAD files are indexed in the “Catholic Portal” with VUFind.

VUFind is a “next-generation library catalog” or “discovery system” application. Its primary purpose is to index bibliographic metadata and provide a reader-friendly interface to the result. The heart of this process is a Solr index made up of many bibliographic-like fields. These fields are the usual suspects including a host of variants on author, title, institution, building, collection, language, format, physical description, publisher, published date, edition, description (note), contents, URL, call number, ISSN, ISBN, OCLC number, series, topic, genre, geographic, era, illustration, full text, and record type. In order for EAD files to be searchable in the Portal, they need to have their metadata extracted, the metadata needs to be mapped to Solr fields, and the metadata needs to be added to the index. The balance of this posting describes this in more detail.

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“Advancing Catholic Scholarship” Symposium at Duquesne Nov. 9-10


The registration deadline for this CRRA/Duquesne sponsored event is this Friday, October 15, 2011.  We are pleased that many of you have already registered for the event and if you have thought about registering, please do so now.  There is no fee to register.

The event features Catholic scholars, archivists, and librarians gathering together to consider the state of Catholic scholarship and how we can act together to advance and enhance freely available global access and discovery of important Catholic resources. The event will take place at Duquesne University (Pittsburgh) on Nov. 9-10.

We encourage librarians, scholars, and archivists interested in learning more about opportunities to make scholarly resources accessible to join in and meet new friends and colleagues.

A full roster of events and registration information is available at .   The registration deadline is this Friday, October 15, 2011.

We hope that you will join us in what promises to be a stimulating and productive conversation about Catholic scholarly research and the ways in which librarians and archivists support this research.

On behalf of Duquesne University and the Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA),
•         Jennifer Younger, chair, Board of Directors at
•         Laverna Saunders, University Librarian, Gumberg Library, Duquesne University at
•         Pat Lawton, CRRA Digital Projects Librarian at

Archdiocese of Chicago

Last week a number of us visited the archives of the Archdiocese of Chicago, and I went away thoroughly impressed. Fireproof walls and doors. Systematic digitization. The implementation of retention policies. The papers of cardinals, rows and rows of baptismal records, and even the transcripts of school children. Very professional. Large. Seemingly well-equipped. Knowledgable staff. The are taking their responsibility seriously.