Catholic Portal look & feel

Thanks to the good work done by Eric Frierson of St. Edwards University, the “sandbox” of “Catholic Portal” now sports the look & feel of our public view:

screen shot

Moreover, since the “sandbox” is runs version 1.0 of VUFind, many of the Web 2.0 links work correctly. In other words, things like emailing, tagging, citing, reviewing, etc. function correctly.

While we could move this whole thing into production, it may behoove use to associate hyperlinks with each found item to point back to hosting institutions to facilitate access. What do you think?

Author: Eric Lease Morgan

I am a librarian first and a computer user second. My professional goal is to discover new ways to use computers to provide better library services. I use much of my time here at the University of Notre Dame developing and providing technical support for the Catholic Research Resources Alliance -- the "Catholic Portal".