ND/CRRA Forum on Digital Humanities

This message outlines an upcoming event tentatively called the Notre Dame/CRRA Forum on Digital Humanities:

    Who: Anybody and everybody across the University
   What: A set of presentations and workshops on
         digital humanities
   When: Thursday afternoon (February 24) and Friday
         morning (February 25)
  Where: (probably) Geddes Hall
    Why: Because it is about more than find and
         access, it is also about use and

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Catholic Portal look & feel

Thanks to the good work done by Eric Frierson of St. Edwards University, the “sandbox” of “Catholic Portal” now sports the look & feel of our public view:

screen shot

Moreover, since the “sandbox” is runs version 1.0 of VUFind, many of the Web 2.0 links work correctly. In other words, things like emailing, tagging, citing, reviewing, etc. function correctly.

While we could move this whole thing into production, it may behoove use to associate hyperlinks with each found item to point back to hosting institutions to facilitate access. What do you think?

CRRA Update November 2010


  • Welcome to the University of Dayton and to DePaul University, the Alliance’s Newest members!  Watch for more information about Dayton and DePaul in the December Update.
  • Committee News:
    (1) The Collections Committee reaffirmed the collecting focus and provided a suggested rubric for “rare, uncommon.”
    (2) The Digital Access Committee (DAC) is working on a number of issues related to portal development. Please see more committee news below.
  • Mark your calendars! CRRA in San Diego (January, 2011), CRRA/Notre Dame Forum on Digital Humanities (February, 2011), CRRA in Philadelphia (March 2011). Details below.